4 Ways to Turn Your Bedroom into a Good-Night’s-Sleep Enabler

4 Ways to Turn Your Bedroom into a Good-Night’s-Sleep Enabler

  • Susan Solliday
  • 11/9/21

Just because bedrooms are not usually the first thing people see when walking into a home, it doesn’t mean they’re not worthy of some love. There is no better investment than one which gives you peace of mind, and a well-equipped bedroom can give you even more than that. A good night’s sleep can take away your headaches, lower your stress levels, alleviate your muscle cramps, and put you in a good mood.

sleep nirvana

Here are four tried and true ways to achieve bedroom nirvana:

  1. Sleep on a cloud: It doesn’t have to be down. Even a quality egg crate can add that cloud-like feeling to your bed. Top that with some fluffy pillows and comforters and you will be on the stairway to heaven. Soft bed sheets, whether you go for quality cotton or all-out with silk, will put an additional layer of comfort between you and your mattress.
  2. Color-code for success: In recent years, color-coding has been all the rage in interior design. The psychology of color has allowed us to determine what hues are the most soothing. The rule for serene bedrooms is shades of white and toned-down browns, blues, and pinks. Going for warmer colors can add coziness, and bright colors can help you wake up energized. Decide what your sleeping pattern needs the most, and paint those walls.
  3. Dim the lights: Nothing kills a comfort vibe faster than a white fluorescent light. Leave those for ICUs, and switch to yellow light. This swap will work even better if it comes with a dimmer switch you can rely on. The key is to keep your room in tune with your mood so that your tired brain is not jumping through hoops to get you some Zs.
  4. Aim for space: Space is a two-way street. On the one hand, you need space for mobility and to keep your room from feeling stuffy or looking cluttered. Yet, certain furniture is a must. Make sure that your bed is big enough to fit everybody who sleeps in it, buy a reliable night stand, add sitting spaces with chairs or ottomans, and provide your room with other surfaces to house your belongings. If everything you are carrying falls seamlessly into place as soon as you enter your bedroom, then consider yourself a winner.

With these minor fixes, you can turn your bedroom into an actual haven. Given that you spend at least a third of your day within those four walls, why not get comfortable?

Photo by Valeriia Miller on Unsplash

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