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At the forefront of real estate, where design defines living, Susan Solliday and Jennifer Biffer serve homeowners, prospective buyers, landlords, investors, and developers with a bespoke approach. Our vision is clear: in an era where technology makes real estate purely transactional, we strive to redefine the experience by fostering meaningful connections, uncovering each property's unique narrative, and enriching lives one home at a time.

Our team, composed of award-winning professionals, brings together a unique blend of marketing, strategy, and transactional management expertise, along with a vast network of lenders and vendors. Dedicated to delivering exceptional client service through innovative marketing strategies and meticulous business practices, we are committed to the artistry of living and making every real estate journey a truly personalized experience.


Unparalleled Marketing. White Glove Service. Exceptional Client Dedication.

Luxe Client Group, Launch Powered By Compass, stands as Arizona’s leading luxury real estate team, dedicated to the artistry of living. With a focus on connection, we unveil the stories within each home, showcasing their extraordinary architecture and captivating narratives. Our team comprises award-winning professionals versed in residential, new development, and investment sectors, offering unparalleled marketing, real-market data, white-glove service, and exceptional client dedication throughout their real estate journey.

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In an era where technology can make real estate purely transactional, the Luxe Client Group team is committed to bringing a bespoke real estate experience to each client.