Moving Boost: How to Start a Business and Move at the Same Time

Moving Boost: How to Start a Business and Move at the Same Time

  • Cindy Aldridge
  • 07/31/23

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Starting a business is exciting and filled with potential, but sometimes we don't have the perfect space for it. Are you starting a new business and facing the challenge of moving while maintaining productivity? Don't worry, it's completely doable with the right strategies and mindset. In this article shared by Luxe Client Group, we'll explore how to seamlessly start a business and transition into a new residence without interrupting remote work or productivity.

Ensure Easy Access to Work Supplies

The first step to a seamless transition is to pack work supplies and other valuable items separately from household items. Labeling these boxes, or even using different colored packing tape for work and personal items, will make unpacking much simpler. If you're planning on moving long-distance, it may be a good idea to purchase sturdy bins or cases to store important tools and documents, such as external hard drives, printers, or other electronics. Packing smart will get you started on the right foot, ensuring a smooth transition period.

Keep Your Business Team Up-to-Date

If you have a team to work with, make sure to keep them updated throughout the moving process. Let them know about your move-in date and any new changes in the business routine. It's important to communicate effectively and regularly, so that everyone knows what to expect during the transition. Also, take the time to reassure your clients, as they may be worried that your services will be affected by the move. Establishing open communication will not only keep your team happy, but also maintain your solid client relationships.

Apply for an EIN Designation: A Must-Do

Before starting a business, and especially if you're moving and starting your business, you'll need to obtain an EIN (Employer Identification Number). This number is your unique identifier to the IRS and helps to distinguish your business from others. You can apply online in minutes, and it's completely free. Make sure to schedule time for obtaining your EIN during the moving process, as it's essential for the legal framework of any business.

Choose a Comfortable Office Space Over a Cramped One

Choose a comfortable office space for your business that allows room for growth and inspires productivity. Upgrade to a brighter, more modern location with ample natural light. Prioritize comfort and motivation to create a positive work environment.

Create an All-Inclusive To-Do List

Stay organized during your move and business start-up with a comprehensive, prioritized task list. Utilize a scheduling tool to create a detailed daily agenda for both your personal and professional life. By keeping these events separate, you can maximize your productivity and stay focused on what truly matters.

Digitize Crucial Business Documents

Cut down on paper clutter by converting your essential documents, such as contracts and receipts, into PDFs. This will give you convenient access to them whenever necessary, without the hassle of sifting through boxes of paperwork. Opt for user-friendly online tools that allow you to easily edit PDFs and electronically sign documents on any device. Alternatively, explore SmartSheet, a project management tool designed specifically for businesses, offering a range of comprehensive features.


Considering Your New Space Layout

Think about your new space layout and how it affects your workflow. Consider where to set up your workstation and organize your office. Make sure your business tools and supplies are easily accessible. Assess the setup and create an efficient work environment.

Starting a new business and moving to a new location can be incredibly challenging. However, with these tips and tricks, it can be a smooth and straightforward transition. By prioritizing organization, communication, and a comfortable work environment, you can elevate your business and take your workflow to the next level. Remember, starting a business requires hard work and determination, but with the right approach, the possibilities are endless.

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