Paint That Pops: This Year’s Biggest Color Trends

Paint That Pops: This Year’s Biggest Color Trends

  • Susan Solliday
  • 02/18/23

While the chaos and concern of the past few years had us craving soothing, natural, and muted colors in our homes, this year, we’re ready to get a little bold.

According to the design experts at Martha Stewart, the greens, pale pinks and cool neutrals of recent times have given way to more energetic and dramatic shades in 2023. Here are some of the color trends to watch for:

Shades of Brown

Whether it’s sandy beige or a rich soil shade, this year’s browns will be warm and earth-inspired, as opposed to the cooler gray tones that have been so popular in recent times. These nature-inspired shades are packed with personality to make a home feel warm and lively, while still providing a neutral backdrop for furniture and decor.

Rich Reds

Move over pale pink—a range of bold reds is taking center stage among paint colors this year. Expect to see berry tones, wine hues, and eye-popping magentas making a bold statement in home decor. If you’re hesitant about red, lean toward muted and darker shades, like blackberry or merlot. That even sounds delicious!

Dominant Greens

A perennial favorite, green has enjoyed popularity in the home for many years. This year, green will once again play a starring role but in a more ubiquitous way—as a neutral to pair with bolder, contrasting shades, like magenta or aqua. When choosing a shade of green, think of nature, opting for colors reminiscent of the ocean, a forest, or a jungle.

Use bold colors like the above to accentuate the various places in your home, adding a different vibe to each room and helping to separate spaces in more open floor plans. These colors can also be used to spice up neutral spaces as accent colors on doors, furniture, and moldings. Experiment with these shades to add new life and personality to your interior design.

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