Q3 2024 Real Estate Trends and New Developments in Arizona

Q3 2024 Real Estate Trends and New Developments in Arizona

  • Susan Solliday
  • 06/7/24

As we move through the third quarter of 2024, Arizona's real estate market continues to show dynamic growth and exciting new developments. Phoenix and Scottsdale, in particular, are seeing significant changes that make them attractive for both investors and homebuyers. Luxe Client Group, a luxury real estate firm based in Scottsdale, is here to guide you through the latest trends and developments.

Market Trends in Q3 2024

Rising Home Prices

The real estate market in Arizona remains robust with home prices continuing to rise. According to the Arizona Regional Multiple Listing Service (ARMLS), the median home price in Phoenix has increased by 8% year-over-year, reaching $450,000 in Q3 2024. Scottsdale has seen a similar trend, with median home prices climbing to $700,000, a 7% increase from last year.

High Demand for Luxury Properties

There is a growing demand for luxury properties in Scottsdale and Paradise Valley. The luxury home market, defined as homes priced above $1 million, has seen a 10% increase in sales compared to Q3 2023. Buyers are particularly attracted to the high-end amenities, privacy, and stunning desert views that these properties offer.

Increased Interest from Out-of-State Buyers

Arizona continues to attract buyers from high-cost states like California and New York. The state's relatively lower cost of living, favorable tax environment, and excellent quality of life make it an appealing destination. Out-of-state buyers now make up 25% of all home purchases in Phoenix and Scottsdale.

New Developments in Phoenix and Scottsdale

The Ritz-Carlton Paradise Valley, The Palmeraie

One of the most anticipated new developments is The Ritz-Carlton Paradise Valley, The Palmeraie. This ultra-luxurious resort community features 215 hotel rooms, 81 villas, and over 100 residences. The development also includes high-end retail, fine dining, and lush gardens, setting a new standard for luxury living in Arizona.

Scottsdale Civic Center Renovation

The Scottsdale Civic Center is undergoing a major renovation, slated for completion in late 2024. This $27 million project aims to transform the area into a vibrant public space with enhanced walkability, new public art installations, and expanded event areas. This development is expected to boost property values in the surrounding neighborhoods.

New Tech Hub in Phoenix

Phoenix is emerging as a major tech hub, with several new developments aimed at attracting tech companies and startups. The Phoenix Tech District, a $300 million project, includes state-of-the-art office spaces, co-working areas, and residential units designed to foster innovation and collaboration. This development is expected to create thousands of jobs and attract a highly skilled workforce to the area.

As employees move to the Phoenix metro area for employment opportunities, the influx of households will create a heightened demand for both apartment housing and single-family homes. This presents significant opportunities for multifamily apartment developers and single-family home developers.


The Q3 2024 real estate trends and new developments in Arizona paint a promising picture for homebuyers and investors alike. With rising home prices, high demand for luxury properties, and exciting new projects in Phoenix and Scottsdale, now is an excellent time to consider investing in Arizona real estate. Luxe Client Group is here to help you navigate this dynamic market and find your perfect home or investment opportunity.

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