Selling Your Home? Here’s What Today’s Buyer Wants

Selling Your Home? Here’s What Today’s Buyer Wants

  • Susan Solliday
  • 02/11/23

When you’re listing your home for sale, it’s important to highlight its most attractive and desirable features. But what matters most to prospective homebuyers can change from year to year, so being aware of shifting priorities is a key factor in helping your home stand out from others.

So what’s on homebuyers’ wish lists this year? A great backyard.

According to recent data and analysis from Zillow, a functional outdoor space is a priority for homebuyers in 2023, with backyards now mentioned 22% more often in for-sale listings compared to last year. This indicates that backyards are one of the most sought-after features in a new home, and tops Zillow’s home trends to watch in 2023.

While features like chef’s kitchens and walk-in closets used to rank high among a homebuyer’s priorities, the backyard is now the top luxury, highlighted in 1 out of every 5 Zillow listing descriptions. Mentions of patios and pools also surged, up by more than 13% and 11%, respectively, in 2022.

The focus on outdoor space is a reflection of changing priorities sparked during pandemic times when people looked to their personal outdoor environments for everything from work to play to exercise to entertainment. Homeowners are now looking to make their yards a permanent extension of their living space. Look for outdoor home gyms, natural pools, edible gardens, and outdoor rooms for dining, lounging, and sanctuary-like escapes.

What else made the list of top homebuyer trends for 2023? Kitchen islands saw a 19% increase in mentions, serving as a home’s hub for quick meals, homework, and dinner prep. A larger island…even a double…in unique colors and materials can serve as a key selling point for your home.

Coming in third, Zillow reported a 12% increase in listings touting mirrored walls and ceilings. While this design element might sound passe, it’s making a comeback in 2023 in a more modern way. Today’s mirrored wall is often antiqued and applied in a grid, adding character while reflecting light to make small spaces feel more spacious.

Also popular among homebuyers this year are homes that offer private spaces. While the open floor plan surged in popularity for many years, pandemic times underscored the need for quiet, closed-off places for working and schooling at home. Home listings that highlighted a private space for everything from Zoom calls to meditation saw a 7% increase last year.

Always remember that all real estate is local, so consult with a professional real estate agent in your neighborhood to find out what features are top priorities for homebuyers in your area.

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