5 Effective Strategies to Declutter in Extreme Situations

5 Effective Strategies to Declutter in Extreme Situations

  • Susan Solliday
  • 07/2/23

Clutter, the nemesis of even the most elegant of homes. Sometimes, the mess becomes too much to bear and you don’t know where to begin. Fear not, I am here to share five "extreme" strategies for handling clutter with the utmost finesse.

1. The Stranger Within:

Pretend you are a stranger entering your home. Cast a discerning eye upon each item and ask yourself, “Does this truly belong in my life?” Let nostalgia and "just in case" notions slip away as you evaluate from a fresh perspective. You shall discover that many of your possessions no longer serve a purpose in your present existence or are simply not handy in any instance.

2. The Usefulness Test:

It’s time to assess whether each item in your possession serves a useful purpose. Should it fail this test and most things do, ask yourself if it possesses a certain aesthetic value. If not, bid it adieu and release it from your sacred space.  Remember the words of 1880 English textile designer, William Morris, “Have nothing in your houses that you do not know to be useful or believe to be beautiful.”

3. The Art of Downsizing:

Envision life in a smaller dwelling, be it a charming two-bedroom single family home or a posh flat in a high-rise. If you were to relocate, which possessions would you choose to take with you on this new adventure? Embrace your newfound clarity from this exercise. It hones your skills for future downsizing.

4. The Math Game:

Engage in this delightful numerical exercise. Determine the number of certain items that you need—four wooden spoons, perhaps, or three shades of lipstick. Make decisions based on the size of the container that you would like to hold your treasured office supplies. Let math guide your choices and revel in the harmonious equilibrium and the Container Store assortments.

5. The Joy of Gain:

Remember that decluttering is not a loss but a magnificent gain. Envision the glorious rewards that await you—a spacious sanctuary, aesthetically pleasing shelves, and the serenity of a clutter-free existence. Focus not on what you have tossed, but on the magnificent treasures that will fill the void.

In the battle against clutter, embrace these five strategies with utmost confidence. Channel your inner stranger, evaluate usefulness, consider downsizing, play with mathematical equations, and revel in the joy of what you will gain. Your path to a tidier, more serene space shall be paved with elegance and whimsy. Now, go forth and declutter with grace and grit.

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