Top 10 tips to keep your home safe this holiday season

Top 10 tips to keep your home safe this holiday season

  • Jennifer Biffer
  • 10/11/22

Home safety should be at the top of everyone’s mind this holiday season, and there are ways to keep everyone safe and secure in their own homes as they celebrate the year’s biggest festivities. Fortunately, you don’t have to lock your family into their home like prisoners to keep them safe and sound – all it takes is making quick and modest home safety adjustments before heading out the door to enjoy the holidays with friends and family.

Turn On The Lights:

Whether you are traveling for the holidays, or simply going to a holiday party down the road, keep your home from turning into an easy target by ensuring that your home will be well-lit when you are gone. While you don’t have to create an illusion as grand as Kevin McCallister to convince would-be burglars that someone is home, simply keeping entrances and the house itself well-lit should be enough to deter a thief that prefers the cover of darkness.

Don’t leave lights on outside:

It is easy to forget about exterior lighting during the holiday festivities, but it can make a house look inviting to thieves. Turn off any decorative lights before leaving home or going to bed.

Have a plan in place with family members:

While it may seem like common sense to have plans in place with those close to you during the holidays, it’s especially important to set up emergency plans with elderly relatives who might not otherwise be able to get help in case they need it.

Keep car keys out of reach:

Thieves are always looking for an opportunity, so make sure that nothing makes it easier for them than having access to your car key!

Secure Windows And Sliding Doors:

All accessible windows and glass patio doors that slide sideways should have a metal rod or solid wooden closet dowel inserted into the track. If you are going to be away for a duration of time, make sure to return a rod to the tracks of windows and sliding doors with rods to prevent entry. Keep screens intact so they provide an extra layer of protection.

Hide spare keys:

Spare keys are often an invitation for burglars because they will often search under flowerpots and planters to find hidden keys. It’s much better to hide your spare key somewhere that doesn’t draw attention, such as behind a loose brick or in the soil near a shrub – and use only one key so that you know which one is yours when you go looking. And if you live alone, consider making two copies of your key and giving one to a trusted friend who lives nearby. In case something happens to you, they’ll be able to let themselves into your home without breaking a window or using force.

Utilize Pet Locks:

If there is a pet in the house, make sure they are confined or have a collar with a key code so they cannot open doors while people are gone. Lastly, if pets are left alone for an extended period consider having them stay at a boarding facility or kennel so they can be well cared for while you enjoy the holidays.

Place valuables in a safety deposit box:

Another terrific way to protect against burglars is by storing jewelry, cash, important documents, and other items in a bank’s safety deposit box.

Avoid Advertising Your Presents:

If you celebrate Christmas, it can be tempting to display your tree in all its lit glory in your window. Unfortunately, while this creates a beautiful display from the street, it also acts as a beacon for thieves and directs them to the exact spot where you are storing any tempting holiday gifts. Keep presents out of sight and away from windows to keep them secure. Similarly, no matter what gift-giving occasion you may celebrate, don’t put empty boxes of expensive gifts out on the street with your garbage after the holidays. Break them down or shred them to ensure that you aren’t advertising to thieves that there are new desirable items in the house.

Don’t Advertise Going on a Holiday Trip

Don’t go on social media and talk about upcoming plans and even more important, do not put out actual dates. Wait until after and post where you went!

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