Top Home Design and Color Trends for 2023

Top Home Design and Color Trends for 2023

  • Jennifer Biffer
  • 02/4/23

The pandemic years have had most of us spending more time at home, seeking more space, multi-functional space, warm, neutral colors, and comfort–and it may come as no surprise that much remains the same as we go through 2023.

Open floor plans remain in vogue, as do craft rooms, ‘listening rooms’, and neutral tones overall. But if your plans include freshening up your home in the coming months, designers point to some emerging trends:

  • Thoughtful minimalism – It’s time to declutter and simplify your living space, creating clean lines and warm, inviting rooms that shun collections and lots of bric-a-brac in favor of a few well-loved family heirlooms and/or décor pieces that simply spark joy. 
  • Updated neutrals – Gray is giving way to warm beige and light taupe, as well as ‘spicier’ neutrals including desert sands, sun-washed terra cotta, and pastel blues and greens. That goes for paint, carpet, and upholstery, with occasional pops of color.
  • Vintage pieces – Everything old is new again. A trend toward sustainability brings vintage furniture into favor, with a one-of-a-kind or refurbished piece or two rescued from an antique or thrift shop valued ever more highly. 
  • Thrifted finds – Speaking of thrift store shopping, mixing old and new is back in vogue, so browse around for that little brass trinket or well-worn basket that blends well with newer items in your room.
  • Organic materials and earth tones – Nature has a calming effect, so organic materials like wood and bamboo, and earth tones like mossy greens and peaceful blues are unlikely to look dated any time soon. Indoor greenery in earth-toned vessels also remains popular.
  • Gallery walls – Easy to create by sourcing a mix of thrift, vintage, and newer pieces, gallery walls remain stylish and are a great way to fill a wall with color and showcase favorites including artworks gathered in your travels.  
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